Other Activities


Congratulations! You've completed the course activities and passed the assessment. This article walks you through how to access your completion certificate.

All in-service training Video Assessment courses in the Foster Care and Adoption LMS include a Certificate that’s unlocked when you complete all other required activities in the course.

On the course page, completed activities display a checked box, opposite each activity name.

Example Video Assessment course, including three activities: a Video, an Assessment, and a Certificate; with arrows indicating checked boxes across from the Video and Assessment activities, and with the Certificate activity (displaying an unchecked box) highlighted

To access your certificate,

  1. From the course page, select the certificate name.
  2. Click Get your certificate, and the document will pop open in a new window.
Example "Summary of Previously Received Certificates" block, displaying the date and time the certificate was issued, with the "Get your certificate" button highlighted
  1. You can choose to print the certificate and/or download and save it to your computer (if you plan to email the certificate, for instance), then send it to your assigned worker.
Example Video Assessment Certificate of Completion document in a pop-up browser window, with the "download" and "print" icons highlighted

After providing the certificate to your worker,

  1. Return to the course page.
  2. Click the unchecked box across from the message, Print a copy of the certificate for your records and send a copy to your assigned worker, which is displayed below the certificate link. This confirms you’ve submitted the certificate as proof of completion in order to receive credit for the training.
Example Video Assessment Certificate link displayed across from a checked box, above the message "Print a copy of the certificate for your records and send a copy to your assigned worker", displayed with an unchecked box indicated by an arrow

Congratulations, the course is now complete!

You’ve earned one of your 12 annual required in-service training credit hours. Ready to find and enroll in another course?