Resource Family Training

Pre-Service RFT: Program Outline

Lessons, Sessions, and Quizzes, oh my! This article explains how the RFT Program is broken up into online Sessions, with reviews and discussions with your Training Specialist along the way.
Pre-Service RFT: Program Outline

In the Foster Care and Adoption LMS, The Guiding Principles for Oklahoma Resource Families training curriculum is delivered through a program called Resource Family Training (RFT). RFT meets the pre-service training requirements for Foster Care and Adoption Resource Parents in the state of Oklahoma .

The online program consists of an Introduction, nine Sessions, and a final Program Evaluation, plus you’ll have three Session Review phone calls with your Training Specialist.

You’ll already be enrolled in the course RFT Session 1 – Children in Out-of-Home Care when you log in for the first time, so it will appear on your dashboard under My courses. Click the course name to open it and begin.

When you successfully complete RFT Session 1,
the system automatically enrolls you in RFT Session 2;
when you successfully complete RFT Session 2,
the system automatically enrolls you in RFT Session 3;
and so on!

Before you begin RFT Session 1, we strongly encourage you to work through RFT Session 0—Introduction to Guiding Principles for Oklahoma Resource Families Online Training. This introductory course features a simple lesson that provides valuable information about Resource Family Training, such as:

  • Training requirements
  • Guiding Principles curriculum overview
  • RFT Program structure
  • Supplemental resources
  • Study tips
  • Online course (Lesson) tutorial

Program Outline

0Introduction to Guiding Principles for Oklahoma Resource Families Online Training
1Children in Out-of-Home Care
2Resource Family Practice
3Culture and Connections
Big Picture Questions: Session 1, Session 2, Session 3
ReviewFirst Session Review Phone Call with Training Specialist
4Understanding Development and Trauma
5Becoming More Trauma-Informed
6Positive Discipline
Big Picture Questions: Session 4, Session 5, Session 6
ReviewSecond Session Review Phone Call with Training Specialist
7Crisis Intervention
8Characteristics of Successful Families
9Tying It All Together: Safety, Permanence, and Well-Being
Big Picture Questions: Session 7, Session 8, Session 9
ReviewFinal Session Review Phone Call with Training Specialist
FinalProgram Evaluation & Certificate of Completion

Sessions include:

  • Lessons that open in a new window and include information, questions and online learning activities.
  • Multiple-choice Quizzes about the lesson material. You must achieve a grade of 80% or more to pass, but can take each quiz as many times as needed.


  • Session 3, Session 6, and Session 9 contain Big Picture Questions (BPQ): free-answer questions about major concepts explored in the previous sessions. After submitting your BPQ answers, you must wait for your Training Specialist to:
    • Read and evaluate each BPQ response.
    • Contact you for a Session Review phone call—if needed, you’ll discuss any BPQ answers that require revision.
    • Mark the BPQ responses approved in the system, which unlocks your next session.

After the third and final Session Review phone call, you’ll be asked to provide feedback about your training experience in the RFT Program Evaluation, which unlocks a Certificate to be printed/saved and submitted to your Training Specialist.