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In-Service Training

Earn In-Service Training credit hours for free through the Foster Care and Adoption LMS.
In-Service Training

Each adult in a foster or kinship home is required to have 12 credit hours of in-service training each year. Online courses available in the Foster Care and Adoption LMS are one way of obtaining these hours.

In-service training courses are available for self-service enrollment, so you can choose which courses you take and enroll yourself on your own.

Foster Care and Adoption LMS In-Service Training course category page, displaying a list of Video Assessment courses

Most in-service training courses in the LMS are Video Assessments, which include:

  • An approximately one-hour Video to watch (transcripts are available).  Some in-service training courses contain Lesson modules instead; visit to the Lesson section of this guide for more information.
  • A multiple-choice Assessment (or Quiz) that allows unlimited attempts. Learners must achieve a grade of 70% or more to pass.
  • A Certificate for you to print or save after completing the assessment.

When you complete an in-service course, submit the certificate to your Training Specialist to receive credit.