Getting Started

First-Time User FAQs

Feeling lost? Here are a few simple tips and solutions to help you get started with the new Foster Care and Adoption LMS.
First-Time User FAQs


Help! I don’t know where to begin!

First, you’ll need to access the Foster Care and Adoption Learning Management System (LMS) at

Contact your Resource Specialist to request a new account so you can log in and begin learning. If you don’t have a worker yet or don’t know where to start, visit or contact the Foster Care and Adoption Support Center (FCASC) directly at

OK, I’ve logged in. Now what?

New Resource Parents:
If you’re here for the online pre-service Resource Family Training (RFT) program, check out the Course Overview section of your dashboard. Click on the course title RFT Session 0- Introduction to Guiding Principles for Oklahoma Resource Families Online Training to begin.

Current Resource Parents:
If you’re here to earn your annual in-service training hours, choose the In-Service Training category from the Course Categories section of your dashboard to browse all available courses.

How do Courses (aka Sessions) work?

Activities are the building blocks of courses, and each course can include any number and combination of activities. In pre-service RFT courses, you’ll encounter Lessons, Quizzes, and Big Picture Question activities, while Videos, Assessments, and Certificates are the most common activities in in-service training courses.

Tip: every course homepage shows Your Progress: a checkbox is displayed opposite each activity title, which will appear with a check once the activity has been properly completed and approved.

Tell me more about the pre-service Resource Family Training (RFT) program.

Courses in the RFT category, aka RFT Sessions, are part of the Guiding Principles for Oklahoma Resource Families Online Training, a learning program that equips resource families with practical tools for taking care of children and youth.

The program consists of an Introduction plus nine Sessions and a final Program Evaluation. Each session includes at least two required activities: a Lesson that opens in a separate window and a multiple-choice Quiz. Certain sessions (3, 6, and 9) also include a series of Big Picture Questions where you’ll answer review questions about the last three lessons.

You’ll have access to three sessions at a time: first Sessions 1-3, then 4-6, then 7-9. After reviewing your Big Picture responses in Session 3, your trainer will contact you for your first Session Review phone call. Once approved, you’ll be enrolled in Sessions 4-6 which appear under My Courses on your dashboard. This process repeats in Session 6 with a second Session Review call and in Session 9 with a final Session Review call before the Program Evaluation.

I’m stuck! I need help completing a Lesson (aka Learning Modules) activity

Know before you begin:
Lessons (found in all RFT courses) open in a separate browser window—be careful not to close the original course window (which stays open in the background) or your lesson progress won’t save.

You must answer every question and view every information slide, tab and box on each page. Otherwise, the lesson won’t let you move to the next topic. If you see arrows, labeled tabs or expanding lists, it usually means you should click for more information. The questions inside of lessons are required, but they aren’t assigned a formal grade. So, don’t worry if you can’t see or edit your answers after you click Submit and leave the page.

When you finish the lesson, close the browser window (on most computers, click the “x” in the top right-hand corner of your screen) to return to the session homepage. Otherwise, your lesson progress won’t save.

If you still get stuck:
If you’re stuck on one topic and can’t move forward through a lesson, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Lesson Menu to figure out what’s wrong (if you don’t see a Lesson Menu button, you’re probably already on the menu page!). The menu page displays each topic in the lesson and how much progress you’ve made. Find the first incomplete topic and click View.

On the topic page, open the topic navigation menu by clicking the progress bar in the top right-hand corner. The menu will display your progress for each individual exercise on the page. Select an incomplete item and the lesson will guide you to it. Make sure to click through every tab/slide and complete every question, then repeat for each topic as needed.

Close the lesson window when finished, and it should now be marked complete on the session homepage.