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Resetting a Lost Password

These days, you probably have tons of accounts and passwords to keep track of. Never fear! If you forget your LMS password, you can reset it through the system using your email address.
Resetting a Lost Password

If you already have an account but lose track of your password, don’t panic. The LMS has you covered—all you need is your username.

Your username is almost always the same as your email address (all lowercase!)

  1. Go to the Foster Care and Adoption LMS login page.
  2. Select the Forgotten your username or password? link next to the username and password fields.
FC&A LMS login block, with the "Forgotten your username or password?" link highlighted

  1. Enter your Email address (all lowercase) in the Search by email address section and select Search.
  2. Check your email for a message from with a temporary password.
  3. Log in, update the temporary password, and begin learning!
"Search by email address" block, with an arrow indicating the "Email address" text input box, and with the "Search" button highlighted

The LMS’s password reset email might be blocked by some email programs. If this happens and you don’t receive a temporary password within 20 minutes, please contact the Help Desk at or 405-325-6257.

Be sure to include your name, username, and email address on all correspondence.

Next: Missing your Password Reset Email?

If you requested a password reset but didn’t receive an email reply, the Help Desk can reset your password manually.