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Site Navigation Menu

The sitewide navigation menu allows you to quickly access your courses, your dashboard, and the course catalog from any page in the LMS.
Site Navigation Menu

The site navigation menu is available no matter where you are in the LMS.

Select and deselect the menu button in the top left-hand corner of the window to switch (aka toggle) the menu between visible and hidden.

LMS sitewide navigation menu, with an arrow indicating the toggle menu button (top left-hand corner)

Menu items include:

  • Dashboard: Your dashboard displays your current courses, Recently accessed courses, a customizable Course overview and several other information blocks.
  • Site home (course catalog): Select Site home to view and search all the in-service training courses available in the LMS.
    (Need help finding or enrolling in a course?)
  • My courses: Courses you’re enrolled in appear on the menu under My courses. Select a course name to jump directly into it.

Whenever you enter a course, a course-specific navigation menu opens above the sitewide version, providing additional options.