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Use breadcrumbs to jump to a previous page or pinpoint where you are in the LMS.
Breadcrumb Links

Website breadcrumbs are a valuable tool when finding your way around the LMS website. As you browse the system, the breadcrumb links—located below each page’s title—display the path to your current location. Simply select one of the links in the chain to return to that page.

Example page header with the list of breadcrumb links highlighted: Dashboard / Courses / Resource Family Training / RFT Session 9 / Session 9: Tying It All Together / RFT Session 9: Quiz 9

We encourage you to click around each page and explore the Foster Care and Adoption LMS site! Have confidence knowing you can always backtrack using breadcrumbs or the site navigation menu if you get lost.

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The Help Desk (powered by OU CPM) is available via email or phone (8 a.m. to 5 p.m., M-F) and can help address LMS issues when you can’t find the solution you need online.