Trainer Roles

Role: Reviewer

The Reviewer role is given to Agency-based trainers and allows them to read learners' BPQ responses.
Role: Reviewer

A Reviewer’s job is to read and assess the learners’ Big Picture Question (BPQ) responses and discuss them during Session Review phone calls. Remember—learners submit BPQs during RFT Sessions 3, 6 and 9 only, and are instructed to notify their trainer when they’re ready for review.

Resource Parents!
This post provides instructions for RFT Trainers only and does not apply to learner accounts.

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Agency trainers: your Reviewer account is not able to officially approve Big Picture Questions or unlock sessions. That’s why you’ll need to let an FCASC Approver know when the learner is ready access to their next session.

This process is done three times for each learner:

  • First in RFT Session 3, after the learner submits BPQs for Sessions 1-3
  • Next in RFT Session 6, after the learner submits BPQs for Sessions 4-6
  • Finally in RFT Session 9, after the learner submits BPQs for Sessions 7-9

Agency Trainers: after you review each set of BPQs, conduct a Session Review call. If you determine that the learner is ready to move forward in the program, notify FCASC Approvers.

After the Session Review, the Approver will mark the learner’s BPQs approved, which tells the LMS to enroll them in their next session.

Note: the learner’s session progress will display 40% complete on their dashboard until the BPQs are approved.