Trainer Roles

Role: Approver

The Approver role is given to FCASC and NRCYS specialists and allows them to review and approve learners' BPQ responses.
Role: Approver

An Approver’s job is to mark learners’ Big Picture Question (BPQ) responses approved in the system, which gives them credit for completing the session. Remember—completing one session allows a learner to move on to the next one.

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This post provides instructions for RFT Trainers only and does not apply to learner accounts.

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Agency-based trainers only have Reviewer access in the LMS—they’re in charge of reviewing their learners’ BPQ responses and conducting Session Review phone calls, but can’t approve BPQs or unlock sessions. That’s why they need an FCASC Approver to give the learner access to their next session.

This process is done three times for each learner:

  • First in RFT Session 3, after the learner submits BPQs for Sessions 1-3
  • Next in RFT Session 6, after the learner submits BPQs for Sessions 4-6
  • Finally in RFT Session 9, after the learner submits BPQs for Sessions 7-9

Once you confirm that a learner is cleared to move forward in the program, approve the BPQs in their latest RFT Session.

This officially completes the session so the LMS can enroll the learner in the next one.