Trainer Roles

About Trainer Roles

Learn about the special LMS user roles assigned to RFT trainer accounts.
About Trainer Roles

Resource Parents!
This post provides instructions for RFT Trainers only and does not apply to learner accounts.

  • To explore the RFT Program Outline for learners, click here.
  • For Big Picture Question (BPQ) learner help, click here.

For resource parents who choose to work with contracted agencies*, there are two different types of trainers involved in the RFT process:

  • Agency Reviewers, in charge of:
  • FCASC Approvers, in charge of:
    • Officially approving their BPQs in the system.

*Resource families working with OKDHS directly instead of an agency should be referred to NRCYS for training, where their BPQs will be evaluated by NRCYS Approvers.

As a trainer, your account is has a special Reviewer or Approver user role in the LMS, giving you the ability to evaluate and (for Approvers only) sign off on learner submissions.

In the new Foster Care and Adoption LMS, every trainer has their own account and login information (click here for account and login help).

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