Before you Begin

Agency Employees: Before you Begin

If you're ready to take one of the online Agency Employee training courses offered through, start by requesting a new account from FCASC.
Agency Employees: Before you Begin

If you’ve never accessed the Foster Care and Adoption Learning Management System (LMS) before, you’ll need an account first. New account requests should be sent to the Foster Care and Adoption Support Center (FCASC) at

As a foster care agency employee, you probably need to access the LMS to (a) take a training course yourself or (b) review Big Picture Questions as an RFT Trainer.

Take an Employee Training Course

The LMS provides training for more than just Resource Parents. In the Agency Employee course category, you’ll find online courses such as: The Foster Children’s Bill of Rights, Maltreatment in Care (MIC) 1 & 2, and Placement Stability 1-4.

Click here for help viewing the available courses.

Review RFT Big Picture Questions

Additionally, if you’re a resource family Training Specialist, you’ll use your LMS account to access and review your RFT trainees’ Big Picture Question (BPQ) submissions.

Once you’re added to the system, you’ll use the same account to log in for both employee training and BPQ review.

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Feeling lost? Here are a few simple tips and solutions to help you get started with the new Foster Care and Adoption LMS.